Custom Terrain and a Dynmap

We have an in-game map to help you navigate our custom terrain. West of 12,000 blocks is beta 1.7.3 terrain. East of 12,000 blocks is Sky Islands terrain. North and South of 12,000 blocks are Biome Bundle Terrain. The inner 24,000x24,000 area is fully generated in release 1.15. This is the largest, fully generated map of any season of Abyss, totaling over one billion blocks on the surface.

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    In-game rules

    1. Be mindful of other players; be respectful to the community and others.

    2. All chests are private unless marked public. All chest transactions are logged.

    3. Do not grief or steal. Buildings near spawn are public areas and may be eventually removed, if needed.

    4. Do not use mods to gain an advantage over other players.

    5. PvP must be agreed upon by both players.

    6. The answer to question number four is "Kardax Pie."

About Our Server

Abyss Survival is a semivanilla server with custom plugins and features, currently on it's fourth season. Rules are defined by our community, feel free to discuss them in our discord. We plan to release soon, although the release date will be revealed on our discord first, not on this website. We run Coreprotect, so any malicious actions can be undone within seconds. Our custom Greylist plugin, coded by DefineOutside, prevents a guest from interacting with other's builds or chests. You may /apply in-game to remove this restriction, answering a series of four easy and unintrusive questions.

Custom Recipes


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