We have an in-game map in order to find new places to build, to explore around, or to see your accomplishments. Click here to head to our dynmap

    1. Be mindful of other players, be respectful to everyone

    2. Do not grief or steal, permission is needed to build within 600 blocks of spawn

    3. All chests are private unless marked public

    4. Cheating is not allowed (No mods except for optifine, no duping)

    5. PvP must be agreed upon by both players

    6. The answer to the final question is "Kardax Pie"

About Our Server

Abyss Survival is a semivanilla server with custom plugins and features, currently on it's second season. We rely on a greylist to ensure players know the rules and will not be destructive to the community before playing. The server was originally released on July 24th, 2018 to a group of players who played the previous season in order to tweak custom plugins and features to a level which is desired. At the time of this posting, on August 4th, 2018, the server has been released to the public,

Custom Recipes


We also have a discord

Click here to head to our Discord

Are you ready to apply?

IP: play.abyssmc.org