A detailed 43,200x21,600 world

Abyss Earth is based upon an exclusive earth map with modded terrain. The novelty of custom forge terrain has been combined with highly detailed data sources to model all the rivers, oceans, mountains, and ice of Earth into an original Minecraft world. Compared to existing Earth maps, the terrain is very interesting. Floating islands are smoothly merged into Canada and a bedrock chasm can be found in South America. Rolling deserts are found in Africa with Coral Reefs found around the shore. Eurasia is packed with mountains, steppes, deserts, and snow. Antarctica is surrounded by icebergs. Each region’s terrain is different, with fifteen overlapping groups of temperature, landcover, and humidity represented on the map.

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    In-game rules

  1. Be mindful of other players and public areas when building.
  2. Respect the map. Ask before terraforming coastlines or adding islands.
  3. Be respectful and use chat in good faith
  4. Do not grief, steal, or harass players, even in unclaimed land
  5. Use common sense i.e. no cheating

About Our Server

Abyss Survival was originally released November 2017 and was mostly semi-vanilla from the first to fifth season, with season four having custom terrain in the form of five overworld generators in one map. Season 6 released on December 5th, 2020 and is polished compared to other seasons, with all parts of the map smooth merging and carefully designed.

Custom Recipes


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