AbyssMC Season 7

A public Minecraft SMP

Using terralith terrain on 1.17/1.18

Join anytime at: Play.AbyssMC.org

A world overview

Abyss Season 7 uses Terralith generation for a unique survival experience. There are over 65 different biomes, including most vanilla biomes. These include lush caves, dripstone caves, monument valleys, moonlight groves, alpha islands, mirage islands, and many more. All with extended world height and support for both 1.17 and 1.18 - in addition to Bedrock support. Mobile, Consoles, Desktops are all supported. This world is overviewed using a Pl3xmap, a link to which can be found below.

Click here to head to our Pl3xmap

World map overviewing all chunks and online players

About Our Server

Abyss Survival was originally released November 2017 and has been reset several times. Rules are defined by our community, feel free to discussion them in the discord. World downloads are available at the end of every season, so you can continue them in survival, or use them on your own server with friends. We run Coreprotect, so any malicious actions can be undone within seconds. Here are the world downloads for previous seasons:

In-game rules

  1. Be mindful of other players; be respectful to the community and others
  2. All chests are private unless marked public. All chest transactions are logged.
  3. Do not grief or steal. Buildings near spawn are public areas & may be removed, if needed
  4. Do not use mods to gain an unfair advantage, autoclickers and simple external scripts are fine.
  5. PvP and fighting must be agreed upon by both players

Custom Recipes

Feel free to join our discord:

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We do not run a whitelist; join us any time:


Port (Java): 25565

Port (Bedrock): 19132